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10 Reasons Why Your Diastasis Isn't

Getting Better and What to do About it


A RESOURCE GUIDE for patients and professionals 

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How to go from soft core to a solid center!


In this comprehensive downloadable guide, discover the TOP 10 reasons why your diastasis is NOT getting better and what to do about it.


Over 20 pages of DRA tips that reveal what's holding back your progress. 

If You Have Diastasis Recti, Then This Guide Will Help You...


  • Finally feel strong in your core so you can lift your kids with ease and without pain

  • Finally feel confident in your core's power to keep up with your kids as they run in the park

  • Finally see improvements in your tummy so you can feel more confident in your clothes

  • Finally feel hopeful again about restoring your core


The Ultimate Guide to Diastasis Rectus Abdominis

Are you a new or seasoned mom struggling with diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA) and feeling frustrated by slow progress in your core recovery? Or perhaps you're a physiotherapist or fitness professional who helps post-partum women, and you've realized that healing DRA is more challenging than you anticipated. In both cases, You're not alone, and help is here.


This essential diastasis E-Guide is designed specifically for people like you, offering a clear, evidence-based approach to post-partum core rebuilding. 

Written by an experienced physiotherapist and internationally recognized leader in diastasis recti, Munira Hudani, this comprehensive e-book uncovers the most common mistakes that hinder progress and provides actionable steps to overcome them.

What People Are Saying...


Why Moms Love This Guide...

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Clear and Concise

Information is organized and easy to understand, making learning about DRA simple and enjoyable.

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Advanced Strategies

It reveals the latest techniques for assessing and treating DR, helping you make sense of conflicting information.

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Easy-to-Follow Steps

The content is practical and provides actionable strategies for diastasis that fit into your busy life as a mom.

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Personal Empowerment

It provides you with the knowledge to take control of your recovery so you can feel more like yourself again.

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Click the Link to Gain Access to the Guide

Unlock Your Core's Potential with this Essential Guide

  • Expert Insights: Learn from Munira's years of experience treating pregnant and post-partum women, including the key factors she discovered that can accelerate recovery.

  • Actionable Steps: Get clear, practical advice on what changes you need to make to see real improvements in your core strength and function.

  • For Professionals: Identify factors that might be delaying your patients' recovery and discover strategies to enhance their progress.

  • For Individuals: Follow concrete, easy-to-implement steps to speed up your recovery and get back to feeling your best.

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Don't Let Diastasis Hold You Back Any Longer

Claim your copy today and start your journey to a stronger, more resilient core!

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