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Check Out These Diastasis Resources

10 Reasons Why Your Diastasis Isn't Getting Better and What to do About it


This essential e-book your go-to resource for if your a mom with diastasis. It is packed with expert tips and easy-to-follow steps to help you create a stronger, more resilient core. 

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Diastasis Rectus Abdominis: A New Era

A Guide for Health and Fitness Professionals


Perfect for both new and seasoned professionals, stay up-to-date with this easy-to-read guide which offers the latest insights and practical strategies for managing diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA).

Are You Ready to Progress Your Diastasis Recti Exercises?


If you're frustrated with slow progress in your diastasis recovery, this PDF guide is for you. Discover eight crucial factors to confidently assess and progress your core exercises, eliminating guesswork and maximizing your effort!

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