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You're already busy looking after your little ones and so what you need is a clear, straight-forward plan on what to do about your diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA). This 4-Part "Start Here" Series was created with the intention of providing you with a comprehensive, yet condensed, step-by-step plan towards rebuilding your core if you have DRA.


The fact of the matter is, DRA is now a hot topic in the post-partum fitness and rehab world, and even though there is an abundance of DRA-specific information now available at your fingertips, it can be extremely overwhelming to go through. With all the different techniques, exercises, it's hard to make sense of it all, and simply trying a few exercises without knowing where that exercise fits into the overall picture, is what leads to a standstill in your progress.


Yes, doing exercises for your core is important, but you also need to know when to do them and in which order. If you sprained you're ankle, odds are you wouldn't start the rehab process with plyometric jumping exercises. Similarly, if you've already worked through the early-level rehab exercises, you wouldn't spend more time doing the same beginner-level exercises, you would progress on and begin to challenge yourself.


Rebuilding your postpartum core is no different, even if you have DRA. The key to making gains in your core is knowing which exercises to do and when. If you also know the "why" behind it all, it gives you a clear vision of the overall plan, and this is a huge bonus!


The aim of this 4-Part "Start Here" Series is to:

  • Help you sort out the difference between what diastasis is and what it isn’t

  • Help you understand which muscles are affected in diastasis

  • Highlight a common diastasis myth that has prevented too many people from getting better

  • Help you get “un-stuck” if you want to do more with your core but are paralyzed by fear  continue reading...

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