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It's a New Era in Diastasis Management

This guide is your ultimate resource to learn the recent advances, latest approaches and newest concepts in DRA as we shift towards a new era in DRA management

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Why This Guide?

Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (DRA) is becoming increasingly recognized in the pre- and post-natal fitness and rehab community. As our understanding of DRA evolves, having reliable, evidence-based, and practical information is crucial. This E-Guide is designed to meet that need for professionals like you.


What You'll Learn:

  • Updated Insights: Get a concise summary of the latest developments in our understanding of DRA, including new assessment and management strategies.

  • Clarified Concepts: Navigate the conflicting information surrounding DRA with ease. This guide helps demystify the shifts in DRA rehab paradigms, providing a clear view of the current landscape.

  • Practical Application: Learn how to apply the latest research and techniques in your practice, enhancing your ability to support your clients effectively.

An Essential Diastasis Guide for Professionals

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Easy to Read

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Actionable Insights

Stay Ahead with the Latest Evidence-Based Strategies for Effective DRA Management and Rehabilitation

This comprehensive guide is perfect for you if:

  • You're new to postpartum care: Get a solid foundation in DRA management

  • You're an experienced professional: Stay updated with the latest advancements without sifting through countless research articles

  • You love learning: Enjoy clear, concise explanations of key concepts in DRA

Elevate Your Postpartum Care

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  • Learn evidence-supported changes in terminology that leads to significantly less fear in your clients

  • Learn ways of assessing diastasis that go beyond supine measurements

  • Learn important objective measures of the linea alba that go beyond width and depth to give you a broader sense of your client's connective tissue quality

  • Learn how to assess a client's readiness to progress rehab exercises with the aim of creating lasting change within the abdominal muscles and tissues

Get Your Copy of the Diastasis Guide Now

Empower your practice with clear, practical, and up-to-date insights for fitness and rehab professionals. Purchase and download your guide today!

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